I GZERO, Crossover metal, sono stati la mia prima vera band “seria“. Non che quelle precedenti non lo fossero, ma con i GZERO ho cominciato a lavorare in modo professionale, a vendere qualche copia fisica dei dischi, scrivere, arrangiare , produrre i brani, avere qualche fans in giro per il mondo e non solo nel mio condominio. Il risultato finale era una bella amalgama piena di contaminazioni che andavano dal funk all’hip hop, passando per la dance e la bossa. Scorrendo la pagina troverai l’intero album da ascoltare, e il video di “Boom! Shake the room”, cover del famoso brano di Jazzy Jazz & the Fresh Prince AKA Will Smith.


“Indahouse” – EP autoprodotto 2002
“FEEL IT” – Full album (Reality Entertainment USA e RB-Records Japan)

Line up

Anuar “mc-@” Arebi – Voce
Enrico “Ico” Amaduzzio – Chitarra
Luca “La Palma” Foschieri – Basso
Matteo “DJ-T” Tugnoli – DJ
Francesco “la Frank@” Fabbri – Batteria

Cosa hanno detto

“It was from the ashes of a doomed hard rock project that GZERO was born. After pounding out the perfect power chords uber proficiently for a couple years, the future founding members of GZERO did not find the sense of musical fulfillment and satisfaction they were struggling to find. They realized and accepted that Rock is truly dead and that it must be destroyed once and for all. They further realized that not only is rock a dead horse but music itself has become cacophanous, uninteresting and banal. Anu (Voice/Guitar), Frank@ (Drums) and LaPalma (Bass) began their new musical journey with a determination to move beyond the boundaries of several musical genres simultaneously and combine their talents and musical interests into something bigger than themselves. This is the core essence of GZERO. Once the foundation was laid, the further evolution continued with Ico, whose 7-string crunch symphony provides devastating impact to the beautiful melodies and utterly unique sonic textures of the GZERO experience. While experimenting in the studio, they discovered a magical chemistry working with Dj-T and it was evident that he too was destined to be in the G-crew. The members of GZERO were attracted to each other like individual metal gears attracted to a single magnetic force, somehow pulling them into alignment, pulling them together to create something new, something unique. In Jan 2005, GZERO released an EP, “INDAHOUSE” which received rave reviews and fantastic responses in clubs and venues all over Italy . The excellent response to “INDAHOUSE” attracted the attention of Anonymous Skateboards to include the bands video of Boom, Shake the Room! to be part of their European promotion campaign and also resulted in multiple compilation placements in Europe . Having refined their material and stage show to a point of “manic perfection” GZERO has arrived as a truly unique, original group that delivers an unforgettable experience both live and in the studio. GZERO is the Cirque de Sole’ of popular music, mixing modern metal, rap, jazz, urban beats, R&B, hiphop and much more in a way that is uniquely “G” being both sonically mesmerizing and visual startling. GZERO takes you on a musical journey of multiple dimensions. No GZERO show is the same, the band routinely has special guests both live and on their recordings. From ethereal female vocals, to crass poetry from a beat poet, to the sound of frogs and rain to a Tibetan Monk channeling the cosmos, the “G” ride is nothing you’ve seen or heard before.  In early, 2006 G-Zero signed a worldwide deal with world renown label, Reality Entertainment and entered the studio to record their debut full-length album “Feel-It”. The album will also be released RB records in Japan. Songs such as Murphy’s Law, Let’s Get It On, Without Breath and Reflection represent a diverse variety of songs and moods on their epic, genre sprawling debut album. Look for G-Zero in 2007. go to http://www.gzero.biz to see what everybodys talking about. More info also available at http://www.reality-entertainment.com See the video for “Boom! Shake The Room” on Reality Youtube”

"Feel IT" - Full Album acquistabile su iTunes

GZERO - BOOM! Shake the room clip video

GZERO - BOOM! Shake the room backstage



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